Some day - The morning -     ... Intro ...     ... First
came  for me  and I just                      ... Second
couldn't draw.So I hated                       ... Third
it.     Whole  the every
mornings   ritual  which
made  me  so  happy  for                        ... Back
three years.       Maybe
routine killed  me or it
was  simply  fuck in  my
head -   just so fuck in
my head everytime    and
then  I  have to  find a
way to go on. But it was
seriously bad,no and no!
I've  come to terms with
life without art without
letters  and  music  and
even without coffee that
didn't taste me too. But
in the end  it caught me
in the bus and  I knew -
it is here now!      But
warning, I say to myself
- You  have to watch the
routine - no regularity:
I invented   or   I have
read  before  that a man
have  to  endure in hard
time but just -  he must
to return, best even  to
childhood          and I
remembered  how  I  love
white   workooks  from a
boy how I  based it with
love and decorated   the
most beautiful and all -
every   freek   in every
american  movie  has his
workbook with most royal
drawings - this workbook
he   has  always  in the
pocket, when it start to
shake him,    so that he
make   passage to  light
for it.                           2007-2018 © Peter Krutek