Except   for   that     ... Intro ...                ... Why Ree
will  be    on this                               ... The Flakes
place   the  things                           ... August fleetly
wich  are  as  much ... The Indian summer and Stockholm syndrome
as  possible   move           ... Maugli at the end of the world
closer    to    the                           ... Youws in detox
          whimsical                                    ... Nouns
bizarreness    that               ... Register no dialed numbers
we call  symbiosis;                  ... A sergeant Balder story
at  this   place  I                 ... First sculpture is a tip
scatter   all   and                                ... The curse
connect   it  again                           ... Kiss the hands
and newly.  I  turn                    ... Love has gentle hands
and scrawl, crumple                                ... I have 13
papers,     sharpen                     ... Predating by lioness
links   fingernails    ... Dark poppy gears and unwavering jelly
I   smooth  it  was                                   ... Hotel*
been  wrinkled  and                          ... Deep missionary
I cut a  necessary.            ... This here is more or less sea
By  this  means the                                    ... Macke
things    wich  are                           ... Sweet darkness
         ostensibly                                 ... The Gong
contradictory   get
to  each  other and
just  we'll  to see
that     they   are
together   a   long
time   ago. At this
place  will show up
toghether essential
contradictions  and
prudishly oximorons
- like for example:
gaze  at  the blind
to satiety, flighty
lifts,  jokey dates
(If it  will not be
lost in translation)
alternatively there
may    occur   even
thouse fatal claims
paths  are  midway.
Here     will    be
socialize ants with
clowns, louses with
anemones   cherries
with     wind   and
millet  with   bees
and all  here  will
be  commit assorted
sinister    orgies.                     2007-2017 © Peter Krutek