A man is What he makes            ... Intro ...        ... Pervaded
of himself -   Sartre,                                 ... The News
We'll make whores from                                 ... The Face
us, they don't know us                                ... Semiramis
under the makeups,  oh               ... Premeditated alternatively
something       wierd!                        ... Relef recognition
fictionalized   love -                    ... Outrunning by lioness
mural sighing,graffiti                    ... Already shooting corn
moaning,  genre scroop    ... Dark poppy gears and unshakeble jelly
and  you  are  waiting         ... Cubature of the chequered barrow
for me leaning against                     ... She sleep two dreams
the wall  "al  fresco"    ... It is impossible to dance at falsetto
and we mason a rung to                     .... Perfume prohibition
galaxy.    My thoughts                   .... Drum from the Chorion
crystallized  in rhomb                                   ... Hotel*
system and cardinality                           ... Bozetto to Eva
of your light bra, the                                  ... Meteors
cardinality of the set
with  two  elements is
two,    skin  on  this                                     ... Back
french kiss,  Samantha
Fox   and  her  poster
bravado,  tadpoles and
Venice,August fleetly.
Weight,distribution of
stuff    fundamentally
affects the quality of
spacetime - so,   this
would be a faster,  if
we were naked.    Hair
tuned to bourbon, your
lovely clit, resolvent
- burgundy  rubber and
I will be begging like
this: but Honey,please
I ate  your bublegum !
A   sledge   for  your
raised   lip   at  the
beginning.  There is a
pink lake in Australia
and no one  knows why.
That  hands break free
by terror and you have
to tear off your wings
when  you  can  do the
ant work - than  we'll
toast   to  aphids. We
meet    in  hysterical
fancying duel -  We'll
fingering     mittens.
This   christmas we'll
wave  with  lavatorial
bell.  We'll rhyme the
happy     endings  and
We'll rag  drop-scenes
to stagey drapes - you
will   forget  scuffle
with snot, Love,forget                       © 2007-2018 Peter Krutek