Even it were    ... Intro ...    ... I was born for this moment
unreserved,    her                                       ... Germinal
words  were for me                                 ... August fleetly
gently like finest                                       ... Sycamore
oil,     and  if a                               ... Amazing Slovakia
smooth dude  which                                     ... Lines 2018
broken wings south                                  ... Rothko Chapel
wind -   he  still                 ... Mowgli at the end of the world
described   carats                                          ... Angie
of gem forest with                                        ... On love
babble.  Hexagonal                                          ... Fruit
afternoon  in  the                   ... About theater and television
vineyard -  when I                    ... Lily of the valleys' rosary
stole    a pair of                                          ... Actor
scissors -    I am                                              ... Ú
perceiver -     He                   ... The list of undialed numbers
creamed his  whole                                          ... Petra
body    in   white                                        ... Action!
except    for  the                            ... Specimen signatures
scarlet     hands.               ... Cubature of the chequered barrow
And he play naked.                                      ... The truth
White lace on pink                                        ... Atropos
tracksuit,pull it.                                 ... I'm a romantic
Conceive    orgasm                                         ... Krutek
all  fire   at the                                          ... Válek
sun.    This phony                              ... I'm not an artist
charm        about
androids.      She
hasn't it. I would                                          ... Along
be excited    from
half nude her face
I suck the feeling
of red.. There are
some fibers  in my
eye whitch purrs -
when  I looking at
her       red-pink
elbows    and milk
around.     Roller
nerve -  ice cream
and pussy - glazes
to  hallucination.
Stiffening  roller
to get   a swiming
web    between the
forefinger     and
middle finger  and
middle finger  and
ring       finger.
The slenderest ash.
Attenuation   deep
in ashes.      I'm
braking  your blue
light   inside me,
Love, uuuu ..    I
observe  how  long
last your  lengthy
vowels.  As poker.
As   I'm   pushing
with    my   thumb
gentle little hand
fan. You'll induce
craters     slowly
barefood  walking.                             © 2007-2019 Peter Krutek