When  I had 7 years      ... Intro ...     ... Paintings
I  draw from my old                        ... Workbooks
book  this cheetah.                            ... Lines
I did  it  with wax                          ... Shadows
crayons     on  big                        ... Portraits
packing paper.    I
mistudersand   much
more how I could to
make it and  I went
non-stop to gape to
the  kitchen  where
it hung.But I could
not repeat it.    I
guess I was failing
under   the  burden
the strange  horror
that  I can't never
repeat it and so it
happened.    When I
don't count   a few
windows    which  I
smeared      when I
copied  Plutos  and
Mickeys         and
workbook in science
that    I decorated
diverse venison   -
this began  in 2004
when      I  was an
attempt  to draw my
wife from photo and
it  worked  pretty.
Drawing  is  a very
honest   discipline
it     can  not  be
deceive in any way.
It will  teach  you
the        hardness
gradually and it is
ensured    way   to
learn things  about
the world which are
not         written
anywhere.                      2007-2018 © Peter Krutek