What  I need - I       ... Intro ...     ... Illustrations
draw - I said to                       ... Interpretations
myself - I don't                        ... Self portraits
go anywhere    I                   ... Specimen signatures
never    visit a
sea   and  don't
see     primeval
forest     but I
can draw leopard                                  ... Back
that speak about
it    in  Jungle
book -     I can
draw   anything.
Traveling     to
anywhere      is
pedantry. I will
not    break  my
illusion    with
material reality
I  do  not  need
the reality  but
sometimes I will
go there    I'll
put myself there
I'll coat papers
everywhere, draw
and        write
everything. I'll
crumple    a few
I  will tear  up
the   four   and
I will   snuffle
from     welfare
loud of the high
seas  and forest
and Paris and of
infinite   space
until I'll start
to enjoy  on the
sly how   I will
wake up tomorrow
morning at three
and I'll be home
to  coat  papers
everywhere    on
the floor  happy
to snuffle  from
welfare.                            2007-2018 © Peter Krutek