I intend  to write    ... Intro ...   ... Bumpkin lives in the muzzle
here   only   fast                            ... I'm not in Facebook
and    immediately                            ... The laurel whimseys
explosions from my                           ... Unappreciated papers
sick mind.   Since
childhood I   feel
some      powerful                                          ... Along
exhibitionist need
to show everything
and     it doesn't
matter nobody will
read     here  but
   still     exist
ticklish    little
possibility   that
nevertheless finds
it.          Every
and    places  are
often   fabricated
so    that   it is
clear    Im   the
center     of  the
universe,       my
pomposity and   my
still   more   and
more weaker    and
simply        sick
-  common  sense -
   should      not
necessarily     be
equated   with all
    outputs     my
personality    but
especially    with
products    coming
from     his happy
cooperation   with
my  weird  ego and
more weirder libido.                          2007-2017 © Peter Krutek