Lubor ...       ... Intro ...    I decided to and
birdfish ...                     it did  not hurt
skalka ...                       so  much  - that
Gabo ...                         except        my
Caesar ...                       own unrestrained
tyrnau ...                       artistic  works,
akšile ...                       here  it will be
Andraaz ...                      hanging     also
buran ...                        others.It's true
hloupý ivan ...                  that I'll choice
Unknown brother ...              it -  so perhaps
                                 you  can believe
                                 to     this   my
Maybe ...                        gesture  so this
                                 is my habit.   I
                                 don't       care
                                 absolutely about
                                 sensitive public
                                 This   is   just
                                 again  and again
                                 about me. I will
                                 be this powerful
                                 man  who shows a
                                 finger and say :
                                 This is Art,  my
                                 Brother!    I'll
                                 call him Brother
                                 - it makes me an
                                 artist.     This
                                 right   here  is
                                 Art,Bro! Because
                                 when   I look at
                                 it,  I'm   happy
                                 and I  sincerely
                                 envy  that   I'm
                                 not the  author.
                                 Because      you
                                 have   something
                                 special in there
                                 The   truth.   I
                                 don't know what.
                                 In short, it's a
                                 bit odd.    I am
                                 proud  that  you
                                 will let me hang
                                 it here  that  I
                                 See  It    and I 
2007-2019 © peter krutek      want to be attached.