Maybe if I don't      ... Intro ...         ... Pervaded by pee desire
miss around this            ... Momentarily meteors and detailed night
woman  in  green                        ... Turner which loves spirals
raincoat or if I                            ... I'm frozen in thirteen
haven't      met                                  ... Thirst of inland
sculptor   Peter
Valach  - when I
had seventeen,or
if   my  grandma
did not    write
Hungarian verses
- perhaps      I
would also write
nothing..    But
maybe   the most
because     that
I've        long
tortured  my mom
of folk text.She
had  read  to me
to    exhaustion
sundry     fairy
tales        and
stories. So  for
all this     I'm
doing   this all
and       It  is
unclear  When it
caught me,    it
wants    to   be
strongly mystery
My Mom   already
don't   read me,
but    I   still
yearns  for this
most    colorful
stories.  Now  I
have no  one  to
sleep.Don't gape
Mom read!  While
the moon     cut
through  us with
cheese kinji and
we     will  see
Sold dream   ...
I     write   my
stories    about
that I'm a dude,
I'm flying.  All
the   girls  are
mine    (Cheers,
Hermann) I'm big
and   important,
and I'm   on the
way elsewhere.                                  2007-2018 © Peter Krutek