If I didn't misplace    ... Intro ...   ... Little angel under apricots
all  my   writings a       ...  The Love thrust my breth away, Henrieta
few years ago - this               ... Maroš, the biggiest of the world
would    never  have                  ... One thousand crickets in love
been -     we   went                                          ... Rally
swimming at the lake                                   ... Scheherazade
and I placed ( First                           ... Rules of my dreaming
I  write thigtly all                             ... Treshold of flight
in the workbooks) my                                     ... Snow storm
writings  on our car                              ... Natasha in Land c
I  plan  to  take it
AFTER   just  when I
    went      rammed
inflatable   to  the
trank. Of course I'm
right  AFTER  got in
the  car  as   a big
happy dick,    super
modern  zipper pouch
with  four  years of
work,  I left at the
mercy  of  the turns
It  was   everything
inside. I've lost it
forever.   Even  One
thousand      crowns
witch   I promise in
the  local  radio as
finder's fee,  don't
help. I'm dick. Then
I couldn't    a long
time   wrote  verses
but I wrote this ten
short      stories -
exactly in that order.                          2007-2018 © Peter Krutek