In Biskupice, they       ... Intro ...      ... The sweet dark
are     corrugated                                   ... Alice
warehouses      of                        ... If I was a snake
fruits         and              ... The thought worthy burning
vegetables  behind    ... Maybe you are maked up by orangetips
the rails,    they                       ... Two cherry leaves
are   there   very               ... Almost fairytale sentence
long time   I have               ... Between midnight and noon
been   walk around    ... What I would like to ask a swan once
there    with  the          ... If would elephants were people
servant  dog Cezar          ... What is hiding behind the door
for  four   years,              ... You have to see the gibbon
more or less every                    ... The overturn on back
other day. Most of                                   ... Abele
these    poems   I                            ... About hippos
wrote there, I was                        ... About dandelions
still sleepy but I                              ... About bats
felt like alone in                            ... About beauty
the world  - as if                             ... About scent
all night was mine ... First November on the aircraft boneyard
-      I've   seen                     ... The gnu and lioness
hundreds  of times                                  ... Pangea
the      star   is                                    ... GONG
falling,    so now                        ... Keys in the door
everything    will                                      ... As
fulfill for me and                                   ... Joint
and    until   the                             ... Noble gases
death  stay  on my                         ... Needle necklace
face  the  strange            ... If would people were a stars
pliant  punch from                                 ... Twister
owl   which struck                   ... Fall of tomato empire
me  at   two above                                  ... Flacon
the morning when I                               ... Obviously
stumbled  along in                             ... About truth
the dark yard  - I                        ... Enough desperate
am  thus marked as                ... Why is she most powerful
the chosen one.  I
was  there  to one
word from death, I
caught once    two
thieves   -   they
were    just   try
locks, the smaller
one    was    more
conversable    and
tried  chat  up me
that they are here
to check    - when
they          both
understood    that
they not duped me,
the   bigger   one
asked, will we put
him down ? but the
spokesman   denied
it,      no,    he
whispered      and
began  to run into
the   darkness  to
the    gardens   -
thanks to him.   I
guess  I'd not cut
them off -  though
I'm  an   abnormal
karate guy.    No,
it's  fatal   word
for me        - my
elementary particle.                  2007-2018 © Peter Krutek