I'm getting ripe  and  in the last time  I
don't yearn   to offend    the people    who give
oneself anxiously to just one field     -   in my
middle age     I arrived to opinion that  life is
short even for the hues of one color,         but
my own interdisciplinarity - I can't leave.  Even
though I had to admit  -  it come from the rodent
feel of dispraise   -   that  torture   the poor,
if does not starting self-healing   with silence,
whenever he talks about himself.
       Some more toss egos  are   coming to  this
wounded disenchant  shortly after the first child
drawings      -     others singers  are possessed
by coloring later in senior age -  there are also
those who don't want throw self to different -
siply stays wounded and underrated - it: " I will
show you! " will not unroll in them  -  surely in
every form I don't like this when I observed this
on others -  and on myself  -  it horrified me so
much. No.
       I hope  - I will here to initiate a kindly
symbiosis with modest luck.    I will try to make
every effort to achieve it.