Well, but it is as it should be  - I would
never buy a painting  -  so I have no right to be
hung somewhere  - less so visited by the purchase
succeed -  it is fair - if could my desire to own
some another unchained artistic work   except for
my own ( but in this  I'm fucking moneybags )  if
could this desire came into being   -   she would
left me certainly   at 3:10 in the morning   when
rings my alarm clock. And when she still meant to
urge me during the day      -       she knew with
disappointment  that first we would like to go to
the dentist.
       I don't know if  I would not look  at this
mysterious man which would gave me 3000 euros for
my younger pieces ( which I surely ask  for three
month of everydays work ) I don't know if I would
not look  at him  a little like on  a dick  which
bought the new long black Mercedes yesterday - in
this  my life situation  I propably nor  at least
don't empathize  in man which desides to manifest
his hardworking by this uncommon style.
       I haven't bought a book for years  more to
from slovak writer   -   huffy offended pride and
chronical disappointment from the look-in ( maybe
I want to be disappointed   - maybe is it all the
injured pride, I don't know, I do not care )  so,
my injured pride and chronical disappointment are
preventing me in this case by equal power like my
predatory by years cultivated greediness  -  such
that   nor do I have the right       to be in the
bookstore in the shelve with you Foxy, is that so
       And in addition - it probably will be so -
that some part of my romantic and workers' soul -
despise the whole circus around artment  ( really
I'm surprised   how my left lip     lift up now )
I am especially disgusted by people like you Foxy
- mean and smart -  who can sell themself  -  who
know how to make the product from themself  - you
are marking   by yellow drops of yours attributes
into all the books and pictures    -  no one will
ever find out how it would look like without your
urine.   Uff.  This seems to be an unhealthy stir
probably innocently born once -   when we shouted
to  ourselves  with   my  father  in front of the
show-window of store      where they used to sell
modern paintings that come here !     Come here !
Twenty thousand !  Twenty-four thousand! This you
have not seen yet -  forty-six thousand  - this I
would draw at any time - this snorting,  hehe and
we looked  at ourselves  with  wide  amused   and
envious eyes. It was warm and winning  -  to find
the largest amount and shout - equaly like   with
tachometers up to 290