In this  -  as  we more  erudite  atheists
continue with love for Jesus  -  is a lot of fear
that " what if by chance "  - but look at Father,
how I adored yours son even though I didn't trust
in you,    forgive me,   do not punish me  - it's
pathetic - just don't fuck with it - if you don't
want to take it all  - but especially do not talk
about it with yours paradoxical grin   -  how you
actually  modestly  give   to admiration    yours
complicated critically courage  selfdenudingly to
separate grain from the chaff.
       But, from the other side,  Even Darwin can
be a Catholic ?
       Sorry Lord, for this time I would identify
the institutionalization*  of whichever faith for
at least for undue  - nobody will to catalogue my
accompanying divinities and fairies  -  nobody be
able to. How I can - in this my deeply inner need
- to consume some tabled images and rituals ?**
       Worshippers in my field of view are simply
the people who have bigger fear to die.  Maybe it
will hit me over time  -  I was lucky and I lived
thorugh a and livinng throuhg the love   -   so I
need not to believe in restart  for this reason -
I know they are people which wasn't lucky with it
but it is  so much greedy that  what  for fall in
love ? - what for seek the love and have children
and actually to seek anything  -  when everything
die and we'll perish.
       Why should not - this momentary feeling of
happiness and richness     and    for example the
palpilant look on the uncommon craft or ears full
of beautiful music    -    Why   should not it be
the fucking unrepeatable gift ? And undeservedly 
       And why -  that you can once to feel it  -
that  you  born  into  centre   of  six billionth
galaxie  - why wouldn't be this a reason that you
believed in God ?

       *  I do not mean  the institutionalization
which happened  on the prisoners but which result
from when you'll carefully  read  this  word  two
time and put it between faith and religion.

       ** but I understand  -  if it is not about
as if it given from outside,  so I can to concoct