I'm not in Facebook, because there in the
middle -   alongside main bar  -  flows too much
fast stream soapy dribbles and tender shit, I am
       Realy   I   tried it   several  times and
responsibly resolute to integrate   and   make a
career  but  very  soon   it  stopped  enjoy  me
everytime   -  to evacuate  into this quick wash
and wait when some other excitated laxative find
it and clip on it his original brown ribbon.
       Mostly  I didn't find it the next day and
realy is it importent for me that this my little
shit stay forever.
       That's how  I deprived myself of thousand
'views' and 'like' from real literary star which
there  somewhere  float   -   I  could  also  to
publish there  the photographes of  my jellylike
face -  give to admire how much I love my babies
at vacation    -    where   we  amply besausaged 
together with my wife into savoury red  - and at
all how I am friendly and  how humorously I know
to wish feast      and originally  to share mine
personal unusualness, oh 
       I am old and out