During maturation,     boy take from other
mouths numerous sentences    which then tasty and
loudly launches so obviously like his own.   When
he is launching it    -   he experiencing similar
pleasure such as the pleasure of excretion* -  he
smugly listens   and looks how that his own words
showers on and returns to him approved,    but it
does not matter - because it sound so courageous,
self-denuding and full experiences that even very
complete silence would be damp affect him   -  an
instant wisdom   which is deep inside  is sweetly
dissolving at space.           I myself have been
publishing these jewelry at least once,  and some
of it also several times and repeatedly   -   and
here are some for you,   so that you can use them
too - when your right moment comes.
       First, my boy, you have to very  much know
that -  "The way is goal" they, the others,  they
do not know it - but we know it, smile at me, you
have to slyly smile at me - they are straining  -
mainly it's about that moment  when we tell it to
each other  -  smile on ourselves and we separate
ourselves from those - them - which are straining
which are chasing shadows  which have  no value -
material things - we are so spirutual  and divine
beings - tangible property doesn't persist  after
all, no, no,  we know long ago that the path is a
goal, yes my little fox  -  we know long ago that
the path is a goal, yes my boy - we know long ago
that the path is a goal,      yes my little fox -
especially when you go along inside   of new long
black mercedes. Remember, my boy,   man of spirit
still let heards his own mouth     -     as he is
technical antitalent and manual catastrophist   -
he is indeed natural born leader and poet  - give
him peace, he really does not know -   to operate
any device, any hammer, any whisk  - more to bulb
-     by no means he is only dumb dick what wants
that you do it all in his stead  -   whilst he'll
recite or speak how you have to live   -   no, he
doesn't despise manual work - he is simply pretty
deeply truthful to himself,   big inspiring   and
       I'm not a poet,       although I'm writing
poems, I am not an artist   -    although I paint
beautiful paintings and I'm not even a singer   -
yes, you say good, my boy, this way you get ahead
the others     -    who will say  it  about  you,
the bastards that you are not an artist   -   you
said it  - what's going on?  -  but let's look at
how modest genius,  tell others  which  know same
like you that you Are the poet - when you read it
- your heart is so mighty affected, yes,  you are
great artist !!    Your voice,   oh,    and those
magnificent paintings!  Finally!  Finally you are
here !!

       * Which     Sigmund  Freud    scandalously
depicted before my terrified eyes the first - and
I had to admit that he was right    shortly after
the while of offended resistance - that I like to
take the shit  -  I'll take a favorite book there
and a couple of times     I even took there bread
with apple, when I was smaller     - until granny
explained me that not