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-   Prokaryotic
stories.    Old
Baruch   grinds
your birthmarks
Your    diffuse
tan.    Verses:
rolling motion,
poster on  cell
wall.   Amoebas
stick   posters
on  their  cell
walls and
literary   hero
look at his
      life as a
spectator   and
it was horrible
but also
wonderful    at
the same  time.
You have     to
be distant when
you want  to be
a star ... This
is how I did it
I did it   this
way   and right
here and    not
otherwise. Many
New      Year's
Improver Uranus
and minor  fire
god,     who is
accompanied  by
vicked   temple
This is he  who
that    inflame
parallels     -
which wants  to
meet..                      © 2007-2019 Peter Krutek