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untouchable Adam's
forefinger       -
stories,   the old
Baruch is grinding
      your lenses,
    diffuse tanned
girl,      verses:
rolling  movement,
a poster    on the
         cell wall
-      Parameciums
sticks posters  on
their   cell walls
and  the book hero
look   at his life
as a spectator and
he has  the horror
from it - but also
pleasure    at the
same time     - He
must be       more
distant    when he
has to be  a star.
That's how   I did
it,      this way,
otherwise   it was
not possible     -
only this way  and
here     directly.
Bartender seasoned
with      many New
Year's Eve, Uranus
meliorator and the
lower god  of fire
accompanied     by
temple      whores
- burning the keen
         desire of
parallels to meet.              © 2007-2020 Peter Krutek